7 1/16″ 15k Modular, Single Line Missile System
Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce HSE Exposure

Completion Equipment Rental’s Single Line Missile System provides a step change by reducing the number of required connections and providing a single 7-1/16″ Single Line system from Frac Blender to Frac Tree.  Each high-pressure inlet is configured with a 3-1/16″ 15k Flange x 3″ 1502 Check Valve.

1 Low-Pressure Suction Header for Blender connection
2 Eight-Station Missile Skid
3 Instrumentation Skid


  • Individual Modular Skids for:
    -Low-Pressure Suction Header
    -Eight-Station Missile Skid
    -Instrumentation Skid
  • Single Line System from Frac Blender to Frac Tree
  • High-pressure inlets configured with 3-1/16″ 15K Flange x 3″ 1502 Check Valves
  • Suction Header equipped with butterfly valve to enable split flow operations
  • Hammer Union external ports to allow for quick inspections
  • 15k API flange connections
  •  Up to 120 BPM
  • Shortens transition times from pad to pad
  • Ready on site before frac crew arrives allowing for faster rig up
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduces HSE exposure